No University A Creative Turn in Higher Education

By Jeroen Lutters

‘No University. A Creative Turn in Higher Education’ explores a subject that is incredibly important to the future of our society: the innovation of higher education. Jeroen Lutters is professor of Art education as Critical Tactics (AeCT) at ArtEZ University of the Arts, the author of Creative Theories of (Just About) Everything (2020), and the designer of several groundbreaking educational designs in higher education, such as No School, Teachers’ College, Artist Educator, and Create Space. He takes us back to the source of his pedagogical philosophy on higher education: the Free University of Bernard Lievegoed, founded in 1971. He shows how 50 years after starting this alternative form of higher education, this concept is still an important guideline for him in creating a non-reductionist, de-disciplined, multi-level form of higher education. No University: a true academic ideal, based on a tradition of what Joseph Beuys once called ‘the science of freedom.’ This book about No University is a must for anyone questioning the contemporary structure of higher education and looking for a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable future society, particularly through re-positioning the arts and humanities.

Dr. John Johnston, a prominent scholar in socially engaged art practices, says: ‘This is a beautiful, poetic reflection on a very unique form and experience of education.’

2021, English ISBN 9789491444760 NUR
Author(s) Jeroen Lutters
Design Dymphie Lemmens
Pages 152 p.
Dimensions 17 × 24 cm
Binding Paperback