Gesprekken met Michelangelo De kunstenaar als leraar

By Jeroen Lutters

We enter a universe that many of us no longer know to be existing.

This collection of essays by Jeroen Lutters focuses on the imagination of the creative human being. This is the story of man who, through his creative power, is able to transform chaos into order, transform formlessness into form, and transform darkness into light. Michelangelo’s work, the highlight of the Renaissance, is the most important source in this book. Michelangelo portrays the idea of the universal human creative power, which can manifest itself in all individuals. Jeroen Lutters thus brings into the spotlight an underexposed positive view of humanity and the world that is in line with his own philosophy of life.

Jeroen Lutters is professor in Art education as Critical Tactics (AeCT) at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem and visiting professor at the University of Groningen and the University of California. He was rector of the Vrije Hogeschool and the Bernard Lievegoed University in Driebergen and one of the founders of the Teachers College Windesheim and (No) University in Zwolle. He obtained his PhD under Mieke Bal (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, ASCA), whose narratological approach has profoundly influenced him. His way of looking at art is known as Art-Based (Un-)Learning (ABL) and is known nationally and internationally. He is the author of, among others, In the shadow of the work of art. Art Based Learning in Practice and Studies in Art-Based Learning (3 parts in a cassette, published by ArtEZ Press).

2023, Nederlands ISBN 9789491444784 NUR 651
Author(s) Jeroen Lutters
Pages 96 p.
Dimensions 13 × 21 cm
Illustrations Ca. 15 b/w and colour ills.
Binding Hardcover