Composing the New Carpet Design Research in Context

By Jeroen van den Eijnde, Marie-Leen Ryckaert i.c.w. Jorn Konijn

Designers cannot change the world on their own, but as visionary fieldworkers they can make the first steps. For Composing the New Carpet Future Makers of ArtEZ University of the Arts challenged designers and design students to respond to some of the important challenges that the Dutch carpet industry faces. Each participant has brought their own expertise, experience, and fascinations to the projects, which resulted in diverse and inventive outcomes. From printable carpet tiles and carpet yarn extracted from cellulose of algae to carpets that grow on the basis of fermentation processes or that visualise the available heat and radio waves in a room. The results present us with interesting future scenarios, that will inspire the industry to take important steps towards a sustainable society for man and nature. Future Makers carries out design research into more sustainable value chains in fashion and design. In today’s society we are becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact that the production and consumption system has on people and the environment. Artists and designers have been critical of this system since the late sixties. Technological developments, the internet, social media, and the increasing cooperation with scientists, policymakers, and companies have given a new dimension to this.

2018, Nederlands ISBN 9789491444555 NUR 656
Author(s) Jeroen van den Eijnde, Marie-Leen Ryckaert i.c.w. Jorn Konijn
Design HeyHeydeHaas, Eindhoven
Pages 112 p.
Dimensions 17 × 24 cm
Illustrations Ca. 150 b/w and colour ills.
Binding Paperback