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Hans Appenzeller

By Jeroen van den Eijnde, Ivo Weyel, Hans Appenzeller

Hans Appenzeller (1949) is one of the innovative jewelry designers of the twentieth century. From the sixties he has been making jewelry from hitherto unusual materials such as aluminium and rubber. The construction and the closure are just as important as the material and the shape. Immediately after his education at the Rietveld Academy, Appenzeller opened the first Dutch jewelry gallery in Amsterdam in 1969, together with Lous Martin: Galerie Sieraad. After that he opened his own shops in Amsterdam and New York, where he also organizes exhibitions with other designers. Before developing the fashion shows as we know them today, Appenzeller and Jan Aarntzen devised catwalk shows in the 1970s to present his jewelry to the public. Appenzeller did not make his jewelry to lie in a display case, but to be worn. This monograph shows in words and images the versatile and extensive oeuvre of Hans Appenzeller. Ivo Weyel describes the life course of Appenzeller and Jeroen van den Eijnde explains the meaning and context of his work. In addition, this book shows an extensive selection from Appenzeller’s groundbreaking designs.

2018, English ISBN 008 Nederlands Edition ISBN 9789491444241 NUR 452
Author(s) Jeroen van den Eijnde, Ivo Weyel, Hans Appenzeller
Design Saiid & Smale
Pages 176 p.
Dimensions 16 × 24 cm
Illustrations Ca. 200 b/w and colour ills.
Binding Paperback