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By Jos Arts

For centuries, children were regards as miniature adults. This was expressed in their clothing, which for the most part was stiff, no-nonsense and dark. Until Oilily came along. Oilily makes cheerful, colourful children’s clothing that can take rough treatment. Oilily produced fresh designs, often inspired by traditional national dress from every region of the country, but that children could also enjoy playing in. Oilily tells the story of one of the Netherlands’ most important fashion brands − from its pioneer days in the wild sixties to its great success in the eighties; from its growth period, when it came to own more than seventy shops in Amsterdam, Madrid, London, New York, Tokyo and other cities, to its transformation into a fashion label with its own women’s line, perfume and accessories. With its eccentric yet functional designs, the brand has earned a unique place in the world of children’s clothing. Even today, the focus at Oilily is still on the child, and the garments are designed and made with love, care and an eye for detail. This makes Oilily not only the story of a fashion brand but also the story of an era.

2010, Nederlands ISBN 9789089100696 NUR 452
Author(s) Jos Arts
Design Mariola Lopez
Pages 144 p.
Dimensions 12.2 × 16.4 cm
Illustrations Ca. 100 b/w and colour ills.
Binding Paperback