06 September 2023

New Publication: ‘Formulating Fake Futures’ by Nishant Shah

The public debate today is all about the future in crisis. In addition, the elusiveness of the future feeds many conspiracy theories. In Formulating Fake Futures, critical thinker and feminist Nishant Shah explores the ways in which we can look at the future differently: the future as a fruitful fundament on which we can devise different scenarios.

Shah argues that the idea of ​​a future in crisis and a future that is fake infuses almost all our global and immediate conversations. These two features tie the discussions all together. However, if fake is not an absolute category and not an exploration of the ontology of things, then perhaps we should ask new kinds of questions. In that case, our focus should no longer be on whether things are fake or not, but instead on the ways in which we make room for multiple types of fake.

This brand new publication is now available via our webshop!