01 April 2021

Reading tips for the Month of Philosophy

April is the month of Philosophy. Philosophical nights, programmes, lectures, debates, and festivals are organised throughout the Netherlands and Flanders every year.

For us it provides an excellent opportunity to highlight our publications on philosophy and the arts.


In Verbeelding. Over waarneming en kunst - by philosopher Onno Zijlstra - one's own imagination is stimulated and an important role is given to Immanuel Kant's philosophy: without imagination no reality, as Kant says. Longlisted for the Socratesbeker.

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A Designer's Material-Aesthetics Reflections on Fashion and Technology

By combining her design research with postphenomenology, a particular strand of philosophy of technology, Pauline van Dongen offers a new way of looking at the role of technology in fashion. She introduces various postphenomenological concepts, such as material aesthetics and human-garment relations, that can shed new light on how to design alternatives for a more sustainable future.

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