24 February 2023

‘Vertical Atlas’ in the media

Vertical Atlas has received a lot of attention from the press lately. The publication received four stars in Canvas Magazine‘s review and received a powerful introduction in PAGE magazine. Vertical Atlas is also discussed in the recently published issue of Metropolis M in the article by editor-in-chief Domeniek Ruyters about the digital world and the search for ‘guides that can explain how those worlds work’.He writes: ‘The Vertical Atlas breaks with the naive representations of the information society that managed to keep the ‘global village’ intact for a long time, but which have been increasingly divided by the digital superpowers in various regions of the world. […] I really enjoy the artist’s contributions that together form a good picture of the contemporary art forms that are developing in this digital epistemological field,’ says Ruyters (translated from Dutch).Read more about Vertical Atlas in the latest issue of Metropolis M and order the book below.

Photo: Artist Francois Knoetze at the launch of Vertical Atlas, by Aad Hoogendoorn

Vertical Atlas