25 January 2024

We Contain Multitudes in Metropolis M!

Kris Dittel wrote a great review about We Contain Multitudes for Metropolis M! We Contain Multitudes is a result of the Quality Agreements Other Voices, and is produced by BEAR Fine Art ArtEZ Arnhem in Collaboration with ArtEZ Press. Underneath you can read a preview of the review:

‘As often it is the case in artistic education, process takes precedence over outcome-oriented thinking (which is good!), yet what I appreciate most is the contributors’ attentiveness to listening and attunement to the (material) world. For instance, the contribution of Serena Leewith Lee Su-Feh and Masimba Hwati, emphasizes non-discursive ways of communication and the importance of listening in an embodied sense of being together, rather than an activation of ears and brains. They also emphasize listening to oneself, which opens ways for opening ways to others.’

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