30 April 2024

Auction dollhouses for goodwill: 18th of May

Eighteen architects took up the challenge to design a contemporary dollhouse based on the perception of reality by children with disabilities. All architects shared their vision in the form of a doll house that offer children with an energy metabolic disease new play possibilities, who bring the world to them or show through a powerful image what having such a disease means. These dollhouses and an in-depth essay are part of the publication 1:12. Verbeeldingskracht in zorgarchitectuur. When you purchase a dollhouse you will also receive the book 1:12. It is also possible to purchase the book separately there.

On the 18th of May all the dollhouses from the book will be auctioned! The proceeds of the auction go to the Energy4all foundation.  A foundation that does research to energy metabolic diseases and further research in developing medication. ArtEZ Press is present at the auction with a bookstand. De buyers of the dollhouses will receive a free copy of 1:12. De proceeds of the booksale during the event will mainly go to the foundation Energy4all.

The auction will take place during ‘The Art of Living Woon- en Design Event.’ Location: Autotron Rosmalen.