1:12 Verbeeldingskracht in zorgarchitectuur

By Ko Jacobs, Peter Masselink and many others

Eighteen architects took up the challenge to design a contemporary dollhouse based on the perception of reality by children with disabilities. All architects came up with their own answer in the form of doll houses that offer children with an energy metabolic disease new play possibilities, who put the world in their bed or show through a powerful image what having such a disease means. After seeing and experiencing the designed doll houses, it is no longer self-evident that spatial planning such as inside and outside is self-evident. The dollhouse as a play, learning, research and art object challenges, excites and takes us “ordinary” people into a beautiful, special world, which could just be the world of special children.

Ralph Brodruck, DaF-architecten, Dreessen Willemse Architecten, Brecht Goeman, Tamara Goguadze, Marjolijn Guldemond aka Mayo maakt, Hans Hammink, Gerard van Heel, Hans van Heeswijk architecten, Hilberinkbosch architecten, Furkan Köse, Willem Jan Landman, M3H architecten, Maurer United Architects, Mei architects and planners, Office Winhov, Jet Pijzel-Dommisse, Christian Quesada van Beresteyn, Vincenth Schreurs, Space & Matter, Femke Stout, Koosjan van der Velden, Reonald Westerdijk, Zecc Architecten. With an introduction by Peter Masselink and an essay by Ko Jacobs.

2017, Nederlands ISBN 978949144425 NUR 648
Author(s) Ko Jacobs, Peter Masselink and many others
Design leitmotiv.design
Pages 376 p.
Dimensions 10.5 × 14.8 cm
Illustrations Ca. 200 b/w and colour ills.
Binding Paperback with flaps