Heden Vinex Ypenburg

By PJ Roggeband, Ton Verstegen, Herman Vuijsje

The former Ypenburg airport near The Hague is one of the areas in the vicinity of large cities that has been designated for massive development by the Ministry of Housing. Ypenburg, like IJburg near Amsterdam for example, has now become one of the “Vinex” locations – a very large urban district with its own centre and facilities but rather isolated from the city itself. This book throws light on everyday life in Ypenburg from various angles. Mieke Gresnigt photographed the inhabitants of Ypenburg at different times of the year. Her carefully edited series of images document everyday life with an almost encyclopaedic comprehensiveness. Ton Verstegen wrote an essay dealing with the effect of Ypenburg’s architecture in relation to its use. PJ Roggeband uses words of 11 letters to explore the boundaries of Ypenburg. His contribution is the result of his findings in text and drawings. The journalist Herman Vuijsje, who has been combining walking and writing since 1989, walked for a day through Ypenburg in order to round off the book with his vision.

2007, Nederlands ISBN 9789086901470 NUR 652
Author(s) PJ Roggeband, Ton Verstegen, Herman Vuijsje
Design Sophia van Kempen, Graphic Design, ArtEZ University of the Arts
Photography Mieke Gresnigt
Pages 176 p.
Dimensions 15 × 21 cm
Illustrations Ca. 100 b/w and colour ills.
Binding Paperback