Kunst uit noodzaak

By Mieke Bal, with an introduction by Jeroen Lutters

The need to learn from art: Mieke Bal’s oeuvre is, at its core, a powerful plea for this. Her videos and video installations above all stimulate the imagination and give a creative impulse to the viewer. Imagination is “thinking with, through and in images” and it is just as important to humans as knowledge and understanding. In art all this comes together into a whole. This book provides an overview of the unique video works of Mieke Bal both in words and images. In it, she enters into a critical conversation with famous masterpieces from the cultural heritage. Mieke Bal, internationally known as a cultural scientist, presents her groundbreaking oeuvre, challenges to interpret, reinterpret, and search for new perspectives, and calls on the imagination to be an important source of knowledge.

2020, Nederlands ISBN 9789491444664 NUR 651
Author(s) Mieke Bal, with an introduction by Jeroen Lutters
Design Amir Avraham
Photography Mieke Bal; Luz Bañón; Jeannette Christensen; Peter Cox; Alicia Devaux; Elan Gamaker; Mia Hannula; Olli Heinola; Helinä Hukkataival; Jari Juusenhaho; Markus Karjalainen; Ove Kvavik; José Martínez Izquierdo; G.J. van Rooij; Mar Sáez; Ebba Sund; Nanna Verhoeff; Margreet Vermeulen; Thijs Vissia; Christopher Wessels; Przemysław Wojciechowski; Michelle Williams Gamaker
Pages 304 p.
Dimensions 17 × 23 cm
Illustrations Ca. 250 b/w and colour ills.
Binding Paperback with flaps
Paper Stocks Munken Print White, 90gr Grenita, 250gr