13 November 2020

New Exhibition ‘Kunst uit noodzaak’ at Museum Jan Cunen By Author Mieke Bal

From 3 October 2020 to 31 January 2021, you can visit the exhibition Kunst uit Noodzaak in Museum Jan Cunen, in which you can see an overview of Mieke Bal’s most important video installations, combined with work from the museum collection by Ronald Ophuis, Martine Stig, and Armando.

Kunst uit noodzaak
By Mieke Bal
curator: Jeroen Lutters
Museum Jan Cunen Oss
3 October — 31 January

Kunst uit noodzaak

Along with the exhibition, we released the publication with the same name. Kunst uit noodzaak is a textual and visual overview of Mieke Bal's unique video works, where she enters into a critical conversation with famous masterpieces from the cultural heritage.

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