Singing from the Inside Out Exploring the Voice, the Singer and the Song

By Ineke van Doorn

Singing From the Inside Out: Exploring the Voice, the Singer and the Song gives you everything you need to know about singing technique, practicing, performing and auditioning in pop, jazz, rock and hard rock, R&B, country, folk, musicals, reggae, ska, and other styles. This handbook is enjoyable to read and essential for both beginners and advanced singers. The many exercises, valuable tips and clear explanations it contains make it a useful tool for singing teachers as well.

• Get to know your own voice
• Become aware of your breathing
• Improve your singing technique
• Put together your own repertoire
• Learn why and how you need to practice
• Understand the essentials of music theory
• Become an expert in improvising
• Learn to get the most out of your microphone
• Make a good impression at auditions
• Overcome your stage fright
• Dress for success and project the right image
• Learn how to perform well in the recording studio and during sessions
• Perform at your very best
• Learn to deal with mistakes
• Keep your voice in top condition

2016, English ISBN 9789491444265 NUR 660, 665, 666, 667
Author(s) Ineke van Doorn
Design Hans Gremmen
Pages 272 p.
Dimensions 21 × 29.7 cm
Illustrations Ca. 100 b/w and colour ills.
Binding Paperback