14 November 2022

‘Fast, Fluid, Fragmented’ reviewed in PAGE

Fast, Fluid Fragmented: Art and Design in the Digital Age is reviewed by the German magazine PAGE:

The title of the book ‘Fast, Fluid, Fragmented’ sums it up: as is well known, graphic design no longer creates just static, clearly defined artefacts, but rather flowing structures that react to input in real time. Instead of linear narratives, algorithms and data are used to create creations that personalize the user through interaction – and that enable completely new insights into the world and our personal sensitivities.

A fundamental change, which design researcher Marijke Goeting examines on the basis of groundbreaking art and design projects in recent years, while at the same time introducing the great media-theoretical debate surrounding it.” – Claudia Gerdes for PAGE magazine

Read the review in German here, or find the full translation on our Instagrampage.

Cover Fast, Fluid, Fragmented.
Fast, Fluid, Fragmented