01 December 2023

Future Art School Symposium: (Un)learning Practices

This week was the Future Art School Symposium and we are super excited to have been part of it with ArtEZ Press!

On November 30 (all day) and December 1 (morning) the conference Future Art School: (Un)learning Practices took place in Zwolle Spoorzone. During this two-day ArtEZ conference, students, teachers and researchers will intensively explore the question: What will the art school of the future look like? How will it smell, sound, feel?

In this conference we review and test the ingredients that can shape the art school of the future. What kind of teachers and learning spaces does the new social, political and ecological reality require? What teaching methods do we use? What competencies do we train for? How do we deal with assessment and admission? How do we deal with each other? Based on these questions, we will travel through different systems, methodologies, processes, ideas and practices and through still unknown spaces to establish new relationships that make visible the art school of the future.