24 December 2020

Our Lockdown Reading Tips

We have had an eventful year. In these final weeks when we will all be at home a lot, most of us will be looking for a diversion to fill the long winter days. Whether you’re rereading your favorites or purchasing a new title, a book is always a welcome distraction.

Check out our lockdown reading tips below. On behalf of the ArtEZ Press team, we wish you happy holidays and a good end to the year!

Designing for Precarious Citizens

This pandemic has shown that home is not a safe space for everyone. What can designers do to achieve a better quality of housing, and improve the living conditions of today's precarious citizens? In Designing for Precarious Citizens Jeroen van den Eijnde and Jorn Konijn delve into these questions. This publication also includes design projects by Frank Kolkman, Giuditta Vendrame, and Klasien van de Zandschulp.

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Letting Art Teach

In this second edition, Gert Biesta presents a new approach to contemporary art education by showing the unique possibilities the arts offer for being in dialogue with the world. This approach to art education is based on teaching as a process of showing, in which the teacher shows the student what could be good, important or meaningful in the world to pay attention to. As a starting point for illustrating this process, Biesta uses the ‘Aktion’ How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare from 1965 by Joseph Beuys, of which this book contains many images.

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In Verbeelding. Over waarneming en kunst, the emphasis is on the relationship between imagination and art, on imagination that creates visual images. An important role in the book is reserved for the eighteenth-century philosopher Immanuel Kant and his thinking about the imagination. Kant gives the imagination a central place in his philosophy: no reality without imagination. With this book about the relationship between imagination, perception, and art, Onno Zijlstra wants to tempt us to look, look again and again.

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Kunst uit noodzaak

Kunst uit noodzaak uses the videos and video installations of Mieke Bal to show how necessary it is to learn from art. Imagination is "thinking with, through and in images" and is therefore just as important to humans as knowledge and understanding. In art all this comes together into a whole. In addition to Mieke Bal's own work, she also enters into a critical conversation with famous masterpieces from the cultural heritage.

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