08 March 2021

‘Verbeelding’ Selected for the Best Dutch Book Designs

After being voted one of the best 20 philosophy books of 2020 by the Socratesbeker, the book Verbeelding. Over waarneming en kunst by Onno Zijlstra has now also been selected as one of the 30 Best Dutch Book Designs by the student jury. The design of this book was in the hands of De Vormforensen (Annelou van Griensven and Anne-marie Geurink).

De Vormforensen about the design:

The book has a fragmented illustration of a horse on the cover (inspired by ‘How to Be Both’ by Ali Smith). Throughout the book, ‘snippets’ of the cover can be found (inspired by the poem ‘Kruim’ by Eva Gerlach with which the book opens). On the back of the book, the entire illustration of the horse can be seen. The book is folded with two flaps that literally give the book a head and a tail. The interludes in the book are indicated by physical dog-ears.

Later this year, the student selection will also be on display in the annual exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


With this book about the relationship between imagination, perception and art, Onno Zijlstra wants to tempt us to look, look again and look again.

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