On the Contrary: Rethinking Engaged Art in an Age of Social Unrest

By Eef Veldkamp

On the Contrary: Rethinking Engaged Art in an Age of Social Unrest is a collection of essays that boldly questions the foundations of engaged art in tumultuous times. Engaged art goes beyond art for art’s sake. It takes many forms—public installations, performances and multimedia works—to interrogate societal concerns and inspire change.

But what does it mean to create engaged art in times of constant political upheaval? And can engaged art continue to rely on old ideas of what ‘art’ is when its aims are radically different to a painting hung on a wall?

In this thought-provoking book, author and artist Eef Veldkamp takes the reader on a guided tour through engaged practices in the arts. Veldkamp balances theory and practical insights to empower and inspire those who want to do more than merely produce art. It’s a must-read for both artists and any reader interested in the transformative power of art.

Eef Veldkamp (1993) is an artist, researcher and tutor at ArtEZ University of the Arts.

His practice explores pressing topics and challenges that disrupt societal harmony. Through thorough research, Veldkamp establishes ‘counter-systems’—organisations that tackle urgent issues like protest, political memory and commemoration. Each organisation has its own unique of methodology, collaborative ethos, artistic expressions and lifecycle.

2024, English ISBN 9789491444944 NUR 651
Author(s) Eef Veldkamp
Pages 384 p.
Dimensions 17 × 24 cm
Binding Paperback, with flaps and blind embossing, packed in foil